Metal posts lined up in the ground and ready to be installed.


The best foundation solution at very affordable rates.

Alaskan cabin mounted on techno metal posts.

Techno Metal Post Alaska, LLC (TMP AK) was founded by David Northup who was working as a residential general contractor. After seeing the need for a better foundation system in Alaska’s tough conditions, he found Techno Metal Post, Inc, a worldwide network of helical pier dealers and installers. He quickly saw the benefit of the helical pier foundation and started Techno Metal Post Alaska in 2011. Over the next 9 years, Northup grew the TMP AK to a team of 7 installers with a combined 35 years of helical pier installation experience in Alaska. With over 20,000 helical piers installed from Savoonga to Kake; Techno Metal Post Alaska has quickly become the largest and most experienced helical pier company in Alaska.

TMP AK’s affiliation with Techno Metal Post, Inc provides us with invaluable support in the form of collective knowledge and experience. Techno Metal Post’s team of engineers not only design and build the specialized installation equipment; they continually refine and improve upon the design to make the process easier and more effective in the field. In addition, the engineers work tirelessly to obtain the required accreditation and acceptance of our products throughout the world.

 As part of the worldwide network with over two million posts installed, we are confident that our engineered products will surpass your expectations and provide you with the best alternative foundation available in Alaska for your project big or small. In fact, we guarantee it.