Metal post system for deck with beautiful Alaskan ocean and moutain view in the background.


We offer a variety of pier-to-structure brackets which makes building on top of Techno Metal Posts simple and fast.

Each pier installation includes any of our ‘in-stock’ brackets. The most common are U-shaped brackets that will receive either 4x or 6x wood materials or flat brackets that will accept various types of lumber or steel. We offer an adjustable bracket with a 3″ range that allows for fine-tuning and leveling of your project long after the post is installed. 

Our specialized underpinning brackets are used to lift and support structures with failed foundations. Unlike most other foundation repair companies that offer a “one size fits all” bracket, TMP has designed and tested five different types of underpinning brackets to best match the specific foundation type.  

We can special order or custom fabricate any brackets to meet your project or engineer’s specifications.