Metal posts lined up in the ground and ready to be installed.

Fairbanks Pricing



Medium Residential
(decks, carports, sheds)

Extension $20/lineal ft.



Heavy Residential & Light to Medium Commercial
(additions, cabins)

Extension $30/lineal ft.



Heavy Residential & Light to Medium Commercial
(two-story additions)

Extension $40/lineal ft.



Commercial & Industrial

Extension $50/lineal ft.

Pricing includes: one 7’ helical pier, one frost protection sleeve, an adjustable or fixed in-stock bracket, and installation report. Minimum 10 piles – TMP AK can schedule jobs together in the area in order to meet minimum; call us to discuss this.

Fairbanks & Interior AK includes portions of Mat-Su Borough north of Trapper Creek and Glacier View.


  • A discount of 10% may be eligible on jobs containing 10 or more piers.
  • 3.5% service charge on all credit card transactions.
  • Extensions are billed the same for above or below grade use. Minimum of 2′.
  • Winter installations may not be possible due to excessive seasonal frost.
  • Layout of post locations from plans charged at a minimum of $200 per job.
  • Engineering design can be priced per job if needed.
  • Test holes to examine soil conditions (if TMP AK is in the area) – $1,000 (f50% may be credited back upon completion of job).
  • Larger post and/or helix diameters available on request.


  • Access to jobs that are 1000+ feet from the road may incur additional charges for equipment mobilization.