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Techno Metal Posts are helical pier foundation solutions for virtually any type of structure you build.


Cost Effective

Our competitive pricing, efficiency, and minimal site impacts, combined with the long term value, make TMP a cost-effective and reliable solution for all foundation applications.

Build on Instantly

The immediate engineering of our helical piers and nature of installation allows for instant weight support. No waiting for concrete to dry, backfill of excavated materials or other site repairs before building.

Specialized Equipment

Our machines are specifically designed for installing helical piers year-round and are operated by a single installer, making our work more accurate, efficient, and cost-effective.

Helical Pier Illustration

Experienced Professionals

Our products, equipment, and installers are factory trained and certified. Our experience is unmatched in Alaska; with over 20,000 piers installed statewide in every condition imaginable. Our experienced team will ensure the project is done right every time.

No Heaving or Settling

Our piers extend beyond the problematic soils into competent load-bearing soils so the weight of your structure can be permanently supported or stabilized.

Minimal Site Impact

The compact but powerful installation equipment fits into extremely small spaces while avoiding damage to your lawn and landscapes. No excavation or concrete is needed.

Been using these guys for years. Always professional, courteous, on time, and they do quality work to boot. I highly recommend them every opportunity I get whenever someone needs piles, piers, or posts to support something. I think you’ll be glad you called them.

Michael B.

On time, great service, easy to deal with, and above all else, you can get ahold of them after the job is done! Thank you!

Jason H.

These guys are super polite, always professional, always on time, and do great work. We’ve been using them for years for various cabin, deck, and covered entry foundations and always recommend them when the opportunity arises. Give them a call…I think you’ll be glad you did.

Michael B.

I looked at all 14 posts after the 7.0 earthquake.. didn’t move an inch!

August L.

For some feedback, I was nothing but impressed with you and Justin during this process. Great communication from you and all questions quickly answered. Justin is a fantastic installer. On time, courteous, professional, and clearly cared about doing the best job possible. You are lucky to have him as an installer. I have other projects I’d like to do in the future (shed, deck extension) and when the time comes I’ll be calling you for an install and requesting Justin.

Keith W.