View of metal post system to support deck.


Big or small, attached to the house or free-standing, covered or with a hot tub.

Wrap around deck with landscaping on the front of house.

TMP AK can install helical piers to provide a reliable foundation for any kind of deck. With our smaller pier sizes and versatile yet powerful equipment, we can make the installation of your deck foundation quick and affordable.

One of the biggest issues we hear from clients all over Alaska is decks on other foundation types that heave and settle with the freeze and thaw of the soil. The results can range from damaged stairs, uneven surfaces and even doors that will no longer open. Our helical piers are guaranteed not to move and instead provide a stable foundation for your decks for years to come.

Our Anchorage and Kenai Peninsula locations always keep materials in stock, which usually makes for quick scheduling – nearly always less than 10 days out. TMP AK can also install helical pier foundations for your new or damaged deck in any season of the year.

Our light P1 deck piers start at $300 each and the heavier duty P2 deck piers are $350.

  • This price includes all mobilization, materials and installation.
  • The price does not include installations beyond the 7’ lead pile. Soils sometimes require piers to be installed deeper into competent soils and they are billed by the foot:
    • P1 extension – $10 per linear foot used
    • P2 extension – $20 per linear foot used

The following documents will provide detailed information on the process, pricing and scheduling requirements for your deck project: