Installing posts in a flower garden to create beds.

Installation Equipment

Our equipment offers several advantages.

Techno Metal Post’s installation machines are specifically designed for one job and one job only— to install helical piers. Other companies use excavators and skid steers adapted for helical pier work, but their capacities are limited. Our machines are operated by a single installer, making our work more efficient and therefore more cost-effective for the client.



The small but powerful R2D model, our smallest and most lightweight machine, allows installation of helical piers in remote and limited access job sites with minimal impact or disruption. Larger pieces of equipment require greater areas of access and can extensively damage existing landscaping. The R2D weighs in at 1600 lbs. and operates with 8 wheels to displace its weight thereby minimizing the impact. This versatile machine can also be operated with just 4 wheels if needed to access narrow openings such as doors or gates. It can also be fitted with tracks, which provide better traction for negotiating rougher, more challenging terrain.

Additionally, when a job requires installation from within a building, we have the option to use an electric motor for healthier and safer working conditions.

  • Dimensions: Length 98 ½ in x Width 29 in x Height 59 in
  • Weight: 1,600 lbs
  • Maximum mast height: 133 ⅞ in
  • Mast rotation: +/- 60°
  • Minimum required clearance for installation: 7 in
  • Maximum bearing capacity under compression per pile installed: 51,700 lbs
  • Service Load: 25,850 lbs


The EM-1 model is a bigger, more powerful machine. It allows us to install larger diameter piers with higher load capacities when needed. The speed and strength of the EM-1 machine make it our “go to” machine for larger jobs. This machine is also able to easily access sites and install helical piers accurately and efficiently with minimal site impact.

  • Dimensions: Length 93 in x Width 48 in x Height 66 in
  • Weight: 4,800 lbs
  • Maximum mast height: 145 in
  • Mast rotation: 360°
  • Minimum required clearance for installation: 8 in
  • Maximum bearing capacity under compression per pile installed: 67,500 lbs
  • Service Load: 33,750 lbs

TMP’s range of equipment affords us the ability to consider the needs particular to each and every installation (such as required load capacities, soil characteristics, and site access issues) and choose the best machine for the job.