Crew member installing metal post on Alaskan coastline with volcanoes in the background.


No matter the project, big or small, engineering is a critical part of any successful project.

Installation machine working away with Kachemak Bay mountain view in the background.

TMP AK’s products and installations are completely engineered and validated through several certifications.

During installation, our equipment measures the torque of the motor versus the resistance of the soil, this correlation allows us to determine the bearing capacity of each post in real-time. This engineering allows us to know if the pile is installed into competent soils to hold the weight required for the project or if the installation needs to go deeper.

For added assurance, TMP AK always operates with a minimum safety factor of 2, to ensure a reliable foundation and all of our piers and brackets are continually tested to meet and exceed industry requirements.

Our customers can work with our structural engineers, or we will work with your own engineer to design any type of project. 

The Municipality of Anchorage has provided Techno Metal Post Alaska a special policy of acceptance for use of our smaller size deck piers. This policy simplifies the permitting process for our customers allowing easy use of our piers in Anchorage.

For engineers and others requiring more specific information, please see our list of Technical Specifications.