Stacks of metal posts under fresh snow.

Helical Piers

Helical piers are used to support projects all around the world.

Helical piers are used to support projects all around the world. These piers are used for all sizes of projects from small decks and docks to whole house foundation repairs and large-scale commercial structures.

Simply put, a helical pier is a steel post with a helix welded to the base. The helix is what screws into the ground and pulls the post into the soil during installation. Once the helix is embedded in competent soil and is well below frost, the post is ready to support the structure. Our galvanized posts all come with our exclusive green frost protectant sleeve that keeps the posts from heaving in seasonal frost.

We offer a range of pier diameters that allow us to match the appropriate post size for the weight that the post will support. During installation, we monitor the installation torque and can determine during installation exactly how much weight each pier can hold. Our piers start with a 7’ lead section and our installers can weld additional lengths as needed making certain that we embed the pier to the right depth for your structure.


The Techno Metal Post helical pier installation process is simpler, faster, better and less destructive than other foundation options.

  • Low Impact
    Our smallest installation machine, the R2D, is just over 1500 lbs. and has an option of using 8 wheels to displace its weight, resulting in minimal impact on existing landscaping. For traditional foundations, you usually need heavy equipment to install the foundation.  Equipment such as a skid steer or excavator will impact and damage your established landscaping and may be logistically challenging to access your project.
  • No Excavation Required
    No holes are dug, no dirt is dumped on your lawn and we have essentially no impact to the grounds next to the post we are installing. Our smallest proprietary R2D machine is the lightest equipment used in the industry.
  • Fast
    The excavation, forming, back-filling, and concrete involved with a Sonotube or other traditional foundation can last several days, not to mention waiting for the concrete to cure. In as little as 10 minutes, we can install a pier ready to build on!
  • Engineered
    The bearing capacity for Techno Metal Posts is known for each pier at the time of installation so you will have confidence that the pier will support your structure. For larger projects, we can provide project engineering through our engineering team. Our piers can bear more weight than even some of the largest impact-driven piles because we have the helix that distributes the weight over its entire surface. 
  • No Heaving
    Our piers are guaranteed not to move in winter seasonal frost. By getting them well below the frost line and adding our protective sleeve, the posts have minimum pressures on them trying to pull them out of the ground. 
  • Guaranteed
    Along with our “no heaving” guarantee, we also guarantee our materials.  Our steel is manufactured and fabricated in North America and our products are built to be foundation grade posts. We will never recycle old steel or corroded oil casing and install them, so why take that risk?
  • Cost
    With all the benefits listed above, our foundation solution is the fastest, easiest and provides the best value for your project. Dollar for dollar our helical piers are the most cost-effective solution for your foundation needs.