Sauna tube deck foundation with posts askew.

Deck Foundations

Techno Metal Post Alaska has the ability to repair decks with failing foundations.

Whether it be from heaving, settling or deterioration; our helical piers are often the perfect solution for failing deck foundations. Our small R2D machine allows us to approach the foundation repair for your deck in the least invasive way imaginable.

Please keep in mind that TMP AK does not do any carpentry portion of the work mentioned below. We will rely on you or your contractor to prepare the area for our installation. We can happily refer you to reputable licensed contractors who know exactly what we need.

We have 3 main options for repairing an existing deck foundation with our helical piers.

Piers being installed under an existing deck.

Under Existing Deck

With about 6’ of clearance, we can usually work under the existing deck.

Piers being installed with equipment on the deck.

On Top of Existing Deck

Our R2D machine is only 1500 lbs, so if the deck is stable enough we can work on top of the decking itself.

Piers being installed along side an existing deck.

Next to Existing Deck

We can stay on the ground and reach over a low deck to install the piers through the existing framing.

For additional details on the above methods, please download the following documents.

If none of these methods above sound like they will work for your deck foundation repair project, please contact us with descriptions and photos and we will see if there is a solution for your deck.